That will always fun to recruit some heroes from other Fire Emblem games and it happens to this Fire Emblem Heroes review. Intelligent System, the developer of the game, has made Fire Emblem Heroes lighter than before onto free-to-play adventure mobile game. This game is available for iOS and Android users. Although it seems more simplistic Fire Emblem,it is still giving us more entertainments for our mobile phones.  The story begins when you are in charge to release the legendary warriors from the Evil Empire possesses in Fire Emblem worlds. After you freed them up, then they will help you to free other warriors. That is simple.


The gameplay does not as simple as the story. Based on our Fire Emblem Heroes review, the Fire Emblem Heroes applies strategy gameplay where the heroes are pretty small on the screen. It means a combat will take a long time to be ended. Every combat requires four heroes in your lineup. You simply choose your favorite ones and make a strong formation to defeat the enemies. The rock-paper-scissors strategy is an example.  You need best tactics to win every battle you found on the map. There are forty four story maps so far and it is probably increasing through the update. The game is addictive for some hours.


The graphic is pretty simple. This Fire Emblem Heroes review does describe them all into some images. As you can see, the heroes become small when they are combating the enemies. Once you get an enemy near you, both of you will come in duel screen. However, we won’t see the characteristics of Fire Emblem like the durability of the weapons and even the permadeath. The point is to increase the skills and power of our heroes. That is why the game looks intrusive play.


Instead of fighting the controlled heroes by the Evil Empire, you can summon them once for all. You should spend magic orbs first before they can be summoned. However, it is hard to get value champions on your side since the chance is random. It means that you have to do multiple rolls to summon the high-rank champions.  It could be digging our wallet to buy some magic orb packs in-game transaction. But, it is slightly reduced by level grinding some towers. You can also fight with some friends or other players in battle arena with their own units. Overall of our Fire Emblem Heroes review, the game is successfully bringing us to the entire Fire Emblem game heroes and warriors.

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