NBA 2K17 is a perfect new simulation game of Basketball for your consoles. This is a perfect enhancement on the previous models of the franchise. Meanwhile, it is also very difficult to play, particularly if you are beginner to this game. For those of you who are looking for a couple of tips of tricks of NBA 2K17, you are in the right place. In this post, you will get a couple of tips of NBA 2K17 that can be able to give you the best out of this game. It will be easier for you to get through the game if you read the lists below.

Adding Your Face

NBA 2K comes with feature for the player in order to use My Player in order to scan their own structures of the facial and it will be imported into the player, for past couple of models of the game. This is the perfect feature; however because of a couple of bugs, there are a couple of things that have been changed. Now your face cannot be scanned with the PlayStation camera, instead you have to do so by downloading the application of NBA 2K17 into your device whether it is Android or iPhone. These are a couple of NBA 2K17 tricks and tips that will help you to get through this fun game.

Share Your Record on Facebook or YouTube

Tips and tricks of NBA 2K17 will be useless if they cannot be used in order to share your game play and enhance the skills that have been improved. You can display your excellent skills by inspiring many people in YouTube channel. If you want to do that, you have to get the application that can be able to record your game play.

You can use your screen in order to record it, and by extension, your game play by using Dr. Fone- iOS Screen Recorder. This is the perfect application that has been released by WonderShare software and videos can be recorded from your computer screen easily. The perfect thing about this software is that your iOS, iPhone or any device  can be mirrored into your computer screen so the game play of NBA 2K17 can be enjoyed and you do not have to worry about the lags. Once it finishes, the resultant video can be directly uploaded maybe, after a couple of tweaks into Facebook or YouTube or the social media platform that you pick.

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