Roblox Trick to Gain Costless Goods

Roblox has full of items on its catalog, which are pretty expensive for some users. Therefore, many Roblox players have been wasting their money just to purchase Robux (Roblox currency) to buy items that they want. How if, you can just gain those goods without spend your money? Well, you are actually able to do that by using some simple tricks. However, Roblox has been patched so many times, and it messed up the old Roblox trick that has been shared and learned by some people.

This example trick is to gain free or costless goods to your Roblox account. However, you can only buy items with cost less than 500 Robux and any item from a club. If it’s over 500 Robux and not from a club, it guaranteed a failure of Roblox trick. Yet, there are so many cool items with less than 500 Robux for the price and from a club.

What you have to do for this Roblox hack first is to log in to your Roblox account and go to the catalog. Choose any item that you like. For example, you can pick a shirt that costs 150 Robux. Just click to the item and press “buy with Robux”. After you press “Buy with Robux”, a sentence “would you like to buy the shirt for 150 Robux?” will pop out. However, if you won’t buy that item with 150 Robux, just click cancel.

Right click on the item and choose “Inspect Element”. Then, a big box will come out on the right screen. On the box, you will find a grey box which consist script. Right click on the grey box, and choose edit attribute”. Inside the box, particularly on the script, you may find “data-expected-currency”, “data-item-id”, and “data-expected-price”. All you need to do is change all those data’s number, into “0”. After that, find “data-seller-name”, and change the name with your username. You may find “data-product-id” as well, but you need to keep that data, so you won’t mess up the Roblox trick.

After you’ve done all those steps, just press enter and exit the big box. Next step, just click the “Buy with Robux” and the sentence before will change into “would you like to buy the shirt for free?” After you read it for free, then just buy it. It may take a little time, but after 8 or 10 minutes, you will get your item.

However, Roblox will get a new patch every time, and maybe this trick will not work in a particular time. But, we do hope that this Roblox trick won’t get patched.

NBA 2K17 Tips and Guide

NBA 2K17 is a perfect new simulation game of Basketball for your consoles. This is a perfect enhancement on the previous models of the franchise. Meanwhile, it is also very difficult to play, particularly if you are beginner to this game. For those of you who are looking for a couple of tips of tricks of NBA 2K17, you are in the right place. In this post, you will get a couple of tips of NBA 2K17 that can be able to give you the best out of this game. It will be easier for you to get through the game if you read the lists below.

Adding Your Face

NBA 2K comes with feature for the player in order to use My Player in order to scan their own structures of the facial and it will be imported into the player, for past couple of models of the game. This is the perfect feature; however because of a couple of bugs, there are a couple of things that have been changed. Now your face cannot be scanned with the PlayStation camera, instead you have to do so by downloading the application of NBA 2K17 into your device whether it is Android or iPhone. These are a couple of NBA 2K17 tricks and tips that will help you to get through this fun game.

Share Your Record on Facebook or YouTube

Tips and tricks of NBA 2K17 will be useless if they cannot be used in order to share your game play and enhance the skills that have been improved. You can display your excellent skills by inspiring many people in YouTube channel. If you want to do that, you have to get the application that can be able to record your game play.

You can use your screen in order to record it, and by extension, your game play by using Dr. Fone- iOS Screen Recorder. This is the perfect application that has been released by WonderShare software and videos can be recorded from your computer screen easily. The perfect thing about this software is that your iOS, iPhone or any device  can be mirrored into your computer screen so the game play of NBA 2K17 can be enjoyed and you do not have to worry about the lags. Once it finishes, the resultant video can be directly uploaded maybe, after a couple of tweaks into Facebook or YouTube or the social media platform that you pick.

Stunning SimCity Buildit Trick and Cheat for Your City

SimCity Buildit Trick will give you a cheat for keeping your SimCity better. Do you sometimes feel that your friends’ building and city are better than yours? It means that you don’t know the trick to do it. SimCity is a simple game that requires you to work for building your own city. That is the key. If you know and understand this well, you can go ahead to read this tricks.

Well, just keep an eye on each service in your city. You are the owner of the city and what you have to do is supervising each service you have built to keep the residents and populations. You can provide as many services as you want to keep your people coming to your place. However, it is not enough. In an offline mode, you also have to check if the services are running properly or not. The second trick you need to know is the purpose of keeping your eye on every service is make the people happy. When the people are happy with the service, your stores and factories will be easy to expand. Remember that reorganizing your items and building is the key points.

The next SimCity Buildit Trick is by reorganizing the items you have in your space. Sometimes, you need to upgrade your stores, and it is necessary to reorganize the items first before upgrading it. You can also change or add several spaces, for example expanding parking area, to make the people comfortable when they come to visit your place. Moreover, SimCity Buildit Hack shortcut will also help you a lot to make your city and factories better.

Next, use your money efficiently. This is the last SimCity Buildit Trick that you need to know. If you have a lot of money but you don’t know how to spend it, it will come in vain. Why? The most important thing to pay attention in this game is by making the people happy and comfortable. So, it’s better to spend your money for the service and for keeping the service better rather than spending them for unnecessary things. You can buy items that support your service in your stores and factories to keep the people coming.

So, those are the SimCity Buildit Trick that you can have for keeping your city better. This game is a lot of fun and interesting to play. Just remember that what you need to do is keeping the residents happy. The other elements are used as the media that you have to know it wisely.

Some Useful Ways To Consider For Optimizing Memory Of Your Computer

If you feel like your computer becomes slower, even when you command the computer with a simple task, in most cases the cause of that thing to happen, it’s because the memory of your computer is almost full. Optimizing memory of your computer, it won’t be a matter, if your computer is a recent computer for the reason that you can upgrade the RAM or the memory of your computer right away. However, it turns the opposite when your computer is the old one. It’s not because you can upgrade the RAM, but the cost is expensive.

Optimizing memory of your computer, there are some alternatives to take. First, you can determine free or paid software to optimize your computer memory. Depend on what kind of software that you choose to boost the performance of your computer, several options are easy of use, while the rest are meant for those that have some knowledge about computer. Second, you can take some actions to change settings of your computer to erase unnecessary things on your RAM. Either way is good. Simply choose one based on your convenient.

Say that you prefer to exclude software for optimizing memory of your computer, these are some actions to take. In addition, if you choose this way to optimize memory of your computer, you need to disable some functions, such as, animation and shadow function, transparency effect, and if it is necessary, you have to uninstall some software or programs that you no longer use. Now, transparency effect gives a nice-looking appearance for your computer, however, it adds more work for computer. Disable this function, double click your desktop, first. You will discover Personalize, click it. Pick color afterward, and then you can start to disable this function.

Has similar function with transparency effect, animation and shadow create such a pretty appearance for your computer, even so it is not for its performance. If the memory is huge, you deal with no problem, that is why you have to disable this function if memory storage has almost no space. Optimizing memory of your computer using this way, find System, and then you can click Advanced System Setting. Get the Advance tab, and choose Performance. Pick Setting, and your last action is choosing Adjust For Best Performance option. Screen your software or programs to know which programs you rarely use or you never use it all. This way always powerful to give more space for your computer.

How to Get Rid of Pixel Gun 3D Hack Troubleshooting

This article will explain about a lot of Pixel Gun 3D hack troubleshooting that will make many gamers confused during the game. This article will give you a couple of solutions in order to find a couple of bugs so a patch can be released by the device soon. Stability is the first Pixel Gun 3D hack troubleshooting that can make this game can be played in all devices. There are a couple of issues that you can face with the internal game such as the bullet lag on survival games or Baretta sniper upgrade.

First Case

In order to fix the Pixel Gun 3D hack troubleshooting of Black Screen of Death, you have to delete that game and then it should be reinstalled. Meanwhile, it is well recommended for you to turn on the Documents and Data on the setting of iCloud within the settings app. After you have done this, all of the custom skins will be removed. Meanwhile, this is the only solution that you have to do in order to deal with this troubleshooting.

Second Case

A lot of people cannot be able to play this Pixel Gun 3D at all and it is pain in the head for them. iOS is the one and only operating system which is very constant. A lot of people that are using a couple of other devices or phones cannot play this game whether it crashes and freezes when opening chat, or black screen has been received after the logo. Basically, you need a big patch to overcome this situation. So it is better for you to re-install the application or you will not get your custom capes, skins, or coins.

Third Case

There are a couple of reports that come with a couple of crashes and launches of this Pixel Gun 3D hack that are failed from all types of devices. Even iOS devices are getting a rough time when talking about the update. There are a couple of weapons that lag particularly in the mode of deadly games. I think this is because a couple of effects of new particle which have been added to the display different projectiles. It is well recommended for you to get the new interface, the grenade button and also the system of weapon switch. There are a couple people who are complaining about the different aesthetic terms, but it is not a big deal if the layout is great.

The Effect of Technology on Society

The growth of technology has been taken place today in the world which is very quick and there are a couple of new rules that have been made every day. The growth of technology that has been made today is very powerful and influence many people in the business industry nowadays. Many people refer the technology as the scientific knowledge to a couple of problems that they face every day. In the world nowadays, the impact of the technology is very huge and can be specified on how it influences the operations and activities of the business and how it affects the society today.

The Impact of Technology

Without shout of a doubt, technology comes with an impact on this society. The real fact is that you feel the impact in your daily activities. The effect of technology has been spread into a couple of sections such as culture, economy and living standards. Meanwhile, it is important for you to consider that the advantages have two sided of head. You have to be careful about the side effect of the technology and you just have to know the effects of technology in society and the effect of business operations and activities.

Positive Effect of Technology

Your daily activities have been affected by technology. Your environment is also full of technology. Technology advancements have enhanced greatly your living standards. Besides the fact that you are lately experiencing the rates of unemployment which is very high and the inflation rates are very high, basically, you are feeding better, living more comfortable, and are dressing better.

Technology also comes with a perfect impact on all the important features of all your cultures such as law and how you are enforced religion, education, mobility, health care, art, and language. For example, the great improvements of technology in health care come with benefit for doctors to treat the patients in the environment which is virtual when using a couple of mediums like video conferencing that comes with benefit because it is legal environment that will let the judges to check out the cases of bad criminals who cannot entered the court rooms because of the security issues.

Even though there are a couple of ways in that technology has a negative impact for society, but technology help many people to live better for the better part. The growth of technology also helps many people to be more efficient in order to increase their productivity.

3 Pokemon Go Hack To Up Your Game Easily

Our Pokemon Go hack to up your game will make you to be very best in this game. Augmented reality becomes the new invention for gamers especially Pokemon lovers these days. Pokemon Go combines some features of smartphone and it is such a successful story for Nintendo and Niantic to develop this game so far. However, playing Pokemon go will drain your battery because it uses your GPS and camera. So, we suggest you to buy additional battery or power bank when playing this game all day long. After preparation is ready, now let us try those tricks below.

Poke Radar

Let us go directly to the first Pokemon Go hack to up your game. This hack forces you to download an app named Poke Radar. As same as its name, this app will be your radar to find rare Pokemon. Actually, this is not a truly hack. It is such kind of working together. The users of this app will mark a certain place when they caught a rare Pokemon. They will drop a pin on the map so that other users notice the rare Pokemon area on the app. Team work when playing Pokemon is not just on the gym, but also on catching them all, right?

Pokemon Go Hack To Up Your Game Hatching Egg without Walking

It seems impossible but it is our next Pokemon Go hack to up your game. The rare Pokemon  hide inside 10 kilometer eggs for sure. But, we need to walk more to hatch them all. We got this trick from Youtube videos by the way. You can hacth the eggs without walking around some places. It is just by using record player or ceiling fan. Place or tape your phone on top of them and check your eggs after some minutes. In the end, you see a rare Pokemon hatching on your phone screen. This method does not work if the ceiling fan moves too fast. Make sure the movement is as normal as possible.

Catch a Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the rarest Pokemon if you want to find him normally. But, it can be your starter Pokemon if you want to. This is actually an old trick but sure it still works now. When you are asked to choose Bulbasaur, Charmender or Squirtle, just ignore them and walk away from them to another place. They may come up for several times until you get a Pikachu around them. Catch it with unlimited PokeBall on the first time playing this game. Hopefully, you can use this Pokemon Go hack to up your game.

Mafia 3 Release Date And Rumors

After a couple of years of speculation and rumor, the release date of the Mafia 3 has been confirmed by the developer. There are a couple of most important things that you have to know before the release of Mafia 3. It is more than five years since the Mafia 2 release which has been arrived for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The story of this game is about Vito Scaletta and a couple of other characters in the Empire Bay city. The Mafia 2 got positive reviews because of the story line which was very solid, characters, music, graphics, and many more. After this game has been released, a couple of big fans of this game have been forced 2K Games in order to bring another addition to this game and their wish is real now.

The Release Date of Mafia 3

Let’s discuss about the release date of Mafia 3. The developer of the game has released a teaser about the release date of Mafia 3 for 2016, last year. And the new trailer has released and they confirm that the release date of Mafia 3 will be on the fall. Many rumors said that this game will be released on April 26th but this news is untrue. The release date of Mafia 3 will be on October 7th when the holiday comes.

Release Limited of Mafia 3

There are no details about Mafia 3 emerge for Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and new trailer has said that this game online emerges for PC, PS4 and Xbox one. It makes a couple of people made because they are still using the last generation of platforms. But the real fact is that this is not a big surprise at all as the developers have not used Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the year of 2016. Meanwhile, a couple of games which have released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 comes with features which have been stripped. For this reason, Mafia 3 will not be released for last generation of platforms.

Release Time of Mafia 3

For those of you who purchase the digital download, this Mafia 3 game will be able to be accessed at 9Am CST on October 7th. A lot of games are released at Eastern midnight, according to many rumors, this game is expected to be released at 12:01 AM Eastern on October 7th.

Tips to Find Clash Royale Hack 2016 Online Tool

Many people are still looking for Clash Royale Hack 2016 tool that still working. They try to search in the internet to find it. It can be troublesome for you if you are trying the same thing but you don’t know how to start it. If you know, there hundreds of websites saying that they provide the working hack tool for Clash of Kings. You should be careful in this process. First, of course you should go to google to type the keyword of Clash Royale hack tool. Then, google will show you hundreds result that you should visit one by one.

Surely it will take a long time for you to find the proper website that give you the working hack tool if you visit the website one by one. Only few websites that truly give you Clash Royale Hack 2016 tool that still working. If you are visiting a website then the website says that it has an online hack tool, it means that you can hack directly your Clash Royale game through the website. No need to install any hack tool into your iOS or Android device. The website will ask you to input the username of your game. Then, set the number of gold, food, and wood that you want to get.

Actually, the process of hacking Clash Royale through the website is not simple. The hack tool needs to access the server of the game. It makes sense that many of the websites do not provide the proper online hack tool. It’s only a scam. You will be asked to complete a survey before you can finish the hacking process. It will be said that the process of completing the survey is to provide that you are really a human. You cannot make sure after finishing the survey you will get your game hacked or not. Clash Royale Hack 2016 online tool is not easy to be found. You need to have some extra efforts.

If you have some friends who play this game, you may ask them about the hacking tool. Maybe one of your friends ever used the hack tool. You can simply ask him to tell you about the link of the online hack tool. It will be much easier and efficient for you than visiting many websites one by one to find Clash Royale Hack 2016 online tool.

Doom as Reboot Version Reviews

For all PlayStation 4 players, they must be busy to play Doom on their console now. This is the reboot version of Doom 3 which was released in 2004 ago. ID Software who develops this game officially released their game in May 13th 2016.  In this reboot version, the game is available for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Moreover, this game is also released internationally without any exception in any country. The gameplay of this game is first person shooter (FPS) or carrying the same gameplay with the previous version. In this short review, we will see the background story and graphic of this FPS game.

DoomBackground Story

The story of Doom starts on Union Aerospace Corporation or simply named as UAC facility which chooses Mars as its headquarter. In this facility, there is a strong soldier which called as “Doom Slayer”. For your information, this soldier is very strong and he was even destroying the hell in the past. He was captured in UAC after that until now. Moreover, UAC facility has stronger system called Argent Energy which connects the hell’s energy to the Earth in order to solve energy crisis. That is where this game is begun. With strong background story, this game is able to increase the players’ motivation to play this game from the beginning.


The gameplay of Doom is very challenging especially if you are FPS lovers. The enemies on this game are not as dumb as you thought before. You have to move your character with skillful movement to avoid their deadly guns. This game offers the players to change their weapon freely when in action. One of the weapons is BFG 9000 which is very powerful to slay your enemies. For the melee weapons, you can use chainsaws to cut off your enemies easily. The bosses of the game are also varies. If you have ever played the Doom 3, you might see some brutal enemies like Revenant, Cyberdemon and Mancubus. Of course, they come with fresher look.

New Attack Move

You will see a new attack move for your character in this game. It is called as Glory Kills. Yeah, it is also similar with PWAD Brutal Doom but it is more sophisticated. With this skill, you can see how to execute your enemy from a close range. If you play this game on single player mode, you have to spend more hours to finish every level. One of the best features is Ultra-Nightmare difficulty. In this difficulty, you will get permadeath for sure. IN other words, you have to restart your Doom game from beginning if you died.