Roblox has full of items on its catalog, which are pretty expensive for some users. Therefore, many Roblox players have been wasting their money just to purchase Robux (Roblox currency) to buy items that they want. How if, you can just gain those goods without spend your money? Well, you are actually able to do that by using some simple tricks. However, Roblox has been patched so many times, and it messed up the old Roblox trick that has been shared and learned by some people.

This example trick is to gain free or costless goods to your Roblox account. However, you can only buy items with cost less than 500 Robux and any item from a club. If it’s over 500 Robux and not from a club, it guaranteed a failure of Roblox trick. Yet, there are so many cool items with less than 500 Robux for the price and from a club.

What you have to do for this Roblox hack first is to log in to your Roblox account and go to the catalog. Choose any item that you like. For example, you can pick a shirt that costs 150 Robux. Just click to the item and press “buy with Robux”. After you press “Buy with Robux”, a sentence “would you like to buy the shirt for 150 Robux?” will pop out. However, if you won’t buy that item with 150 Robux, just click cancel.

Right click on the item and choose “Inspect Element”. Then, a big box will come out on the right screen. On the box, you will find a grey box which consist script. Right click on the grey box, and choose edit attribute”. Inside the box, particularly on the script, you may find “data-expected-currency”, “data-item-id”, and “data-expected-price”. All you need to do is change all those data’s number, into “0”. After that, find “data-seller-name”, and change the name with your username. You may find “data-product-id” as well, but you need to keep that data, so you won’t mess up the Roblox trick.

After you’ve done all those steps, just press enter and exit the big box. Next step, just click the “Buy with Robux” and the sentence before will change into “would you like to buy the shirt for free?” After you read it for free, then just buy it. It may take a little time, but after 8 or 10 minutes, you will get your item.

However, Roblox will get a new patch every time, and maybe this trick will not work in a particular time. But, we do hope that this Roblox trick won’t get patched.

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